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What SSL certificate options are available?

SSL Certificates

SSL Certificate Options

SSL Category: We provide two main types of SSL certificates: Regular SSLs, designed for individual domains or subdomains, and Wildcard SSLs, encompassing all subdomains under a single domain. Both options are offered by Sectigo and can be ordered for a duration ranging from one to two years.

As of now, we do not offer multi-domain SSLs that support installation on multiple domains simultaneously, nor do we provide Extended Validation (EV) SSLs, which display the company name in a green bar within the browser's URL.

Additionally, you have the option to request the installation of a "Let’s Encrypt" certificate.

Considerations for SSL Certificate Selection:

  1. "Let’s Encrypt" Certificates: Swift and straightforward installation, ideal for non-commercial websites, blogs, or photo galleries. Valid for 90 days, these certificates must be renewed before expiration. Our platform automatically renews "Let’s Encrypt" certificates, eliminating concerns about manual renewal.
  2. Regular SSL Certificates: Include a warranty against misuse or mis-issuance, making them suitable for e-stores or enterprise sites. Issued by an established Certificate Authority (CA), these certificates are valid for a minimum of one year and can be purchased for extended periods.
  3. Third-Party Certificates: If you already possess an SSL certificate from another source, you can effortlessly upload it to your chosen host with a simple click.

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