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IONOS Hosting Review

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Is it possible for a person or business to create and maintain a profitable presence in the online space? The first step should be creating a nice website and then getting a reliable provider to host it. This IONOS hosting review will make you realize that finding a good web hosting provider isn’t as difficult as we tend to think.

Before anything else, it is vitally important to note that finding the right web hosting provider is imperative to how your visitors or customers feel about your brand. With IONOS hosting, your website is less likely to suffer a downtime.

Thankfully, HostDime will offer you high-quality hosting at very affordable prices. Let’s see what it has to offer.

Also, you get fast loading speed, better security, frequent backups, and crucial tools that can help grow your business.

How about their prices? Well, as you will come to learn, IONOS is a better option for you no matter your budget. For instance, their cheapest hosting plan in the web hosting category costs $4 per month and renews at $6 per month.


IONOS was founded in 1988 as 1 & 1. The main focus of the company was on delivering reliable digital products that would make it easy for people to create and maintain fruitful web presence.

Yes, you guessed it right - IONOS has been in the web hosting business for slightly over 30 years. This makes it one of the oldest hosting services we have around. If you follow the history of web hosting keenly, you will realize that some of the company’s peers are out of business.

That brings us to the question: What makes IONOS hosting stand out from the crowd?

First off, IONOS appeals to beginners and small-scale businesses with low budgets. Secondly, the company offers feature-packed hosting solutions at relatively affordable prices. You now know why the company remains the largest (and the best) web host in Europe.

Ionos Hosting Review

Now, we are going to dive deep into what IONOS offers. We will explore its hosting plans, features, pros, and cons, and anything in between. Read on.


SPEED: 617 ms (January 2020 to June 2020 average) UPTIME: 100% (January 2020 to June 2020 average) SUPPORT: Knowledge base and 24/7 live chat APPS: WordPress, phpBB, WebApps, PrestaShop, Drupal, TYPO3, Joomla, and several others CMSs and e-commerce systems FEATURES: Geo-redundancy Daily backups DDoS protection Site Scan 1-click app installs Unlimited traffic Scripts and databases Marketing tools Email accounts Money-back guarantee Unlimited domains Unlimited storage PLANS: Web hosting WordPress hosting ASP.NET hosting Dedicated hosting VPS hosting SITE TRANSFER: Free site transfers PRICING: The cheapest hosting plan from IONOS costs $4 a month


The Pros Of Using Ionos Hosting

1. Affordable pricing IONOS hosting is without a doubt a relatively cheap hosting option. Typically, they offer low introductory rates that increase at renewal. Even after renewal, their rates still remain affordable. The most basic hosting plan costs $4 a month.

If you can recall, we mentioned something to do with IONOS offering feature-rich plans at very cheap rates, right?

The next tier after the Essential plan is known as Business plan. This one costs $1 per month and renews at $10 per month. Even after that slight increase in the pricing, you can see that IONOS is still on the budget end.

2. Expert tech support The first thing you will notice when signing up with IONOS is its responsive (and informed) customer care.

You will agree that a useful customer support is the most valuable asset any business can have, right?

Whether you want to make a living off your website or not, you need to have the site to be live all though. But then, we understand that problems can come knocking any time. When that happens, you need to be sure that your web hosting provider will come through and help you out.

IONOS does actually help its customers in case they encounter problems with their hosting plans. If you opt for the live chat approach, you will just need to shed more light on your issue and you will be paired with a customer care representative almost immediately.

The company also has a knowledge base with a range of articles with solutions to different problems.

3. Excellent uptime You will definitely hate IONOS for lying about their uptime. According to their website, they offer 99.99% uptime guarantee. On the other hand, no user has reported an uptime less than 100%. As you can see, IONOS promises an uptime of 99.99% but offers 100%! That is IONOS for you.

4. Fast loading speed Would you stick around a site or page that takes centuries to display results? There is likelihood that you will opt out of that site to go try another one, true?

On average, most sites hosted on IONOS take 617 milliseconds to load, which is an impressive score.

5. Beginner-friendly user interface We all know that most web hosts use the conventional cPanel. However, this is not the case with IONOS.

They have their in-house cPanel that makes it easy for users to navigate and explore different elements.

While it may take time for you to get used to the custom cPanel, it’s still worth it.

5. High-grade security Security is one of the most critical aspects of any web host. You will appreciate that besides cheap pricing and stellar site performance, IONOS excels at security, too.

Talk of free SSL certificates and DDoS protection, and all that – IONOS leads as others follow.

The Cons Of Using Ionos Hosting

We don’t have any issue with IONOS hosting.


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Asp.Net Hosting


Dedicated Hosting


Vps Hosting


We love that IONOS offers a range of feature-packed plans for different budgets. Scalability is even easier. These aspects make IONOS an exceptional hosting provider. IONOS appeals to beginners and small-scale businesses with low budgets, and it also offers feature-packed hosting solutions at relatively affordable prices.

          With IONOS you get fast loading speed, better security, frequent backups, and crucial tools that can help grow your business. Give it a try!

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